US household data validates Freedom Dividend impact for everyday Americans

The Freedom Dividend , 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s proposal for a $1,000 per month universal basic income (aka UBI) for every adult citizen, could cover 97% or more of average food and housing spending for 59% of US households. Got the essentials covered but stretched to make auto or medical payments? Freedom Dividend benefits exceed average total spending in transportation and healthcare combined for 92% of US households. And both of those figures are after subtracting Yang's proposed 10% value added tax (VAT) and welfare income. These insights and more come from the interactive data visualization below, which I built with the 2018 demographic and spending microdata of over 19,000 real American households. The data is public and gathered annually for the Consumer Expenditure Surveys conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. There’s a lot here; you can scroll with your phone, but it's easier to explore on a tablet or computer. Exampl